Reach more students, faster!

Build your email course in minutes with our intuitive editor. Set up a payment account. We build your landing page to collect subscribers and deliver your knowledge directly to your learner’s inbox.

Fast Setup

Get creating within 2 minutes of Signup. Your landing page gets automatically published and you can start collecting subscribers within seconds. No complicated setups, no BS configuration. Guaranteed.

Content Creation

Simple tools to build your courses. Customization and image support via intuitive and easy to use WYSIWYG editor, none of that fancy command editors you need to learn and never do what you want.


Reliable delivery to your learner’s email account. They won’t need to download extra apps. Just email. As simple as that.

Billing and Promotion

We take care of collecting your course fees and paying them to you. We show your revenue in your user dashboard. And every time you publish a Drip, we tweet and make a hoopla about it on all our social media channels. Automatically, for free.

BrainDrip is Different

Lupita J.

School Teacher

 “I’m a teacher and I’m looking for a side-gig to supplement my salary. But I have multiple demands for my time, and even learning how to set up the technology for creating an online course is intimidating. With BrainDrip, I get it all: creation, technology, marketing, promotion, handling sales and revenue. Truly a godsend!”

Ravi S.


 “I’m a full-time business student at university and love supplementing my learning with extra courses. With BrainDrip, I get content delivered to my phone in bite-sized, ready to consume pieces every day. I love it!”

Christian S.

Content Creator

 “BrainDrip is really cool! I can sign up and start creating my Drips within minutes. I don’t need to give in credit card details, I don’t have to fiddle around with weird configurations, the interface is simple and intuitive.”

Joanna P.


 “OMG. Best thing ever! I can’t live without my daily BrainDrips. You’ve got to sign up now!

Our Pricing

We don’t have pricing plans. You create your Drips for free.

Your subscribers pay you to receive your wisdom. We take a small fee per subscriber for storage and distribution costs.

That’s it. No complications.

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