Unveiling the Best Platform for Email Short Courses: A Comparative Analysis

As the demand for online learning continues to soar, creators seeking to share their expertise have an array of platforms to choose from. When it comes to delivering email short courses, three major contenders stand out: Mailchimp, Beehiv, and BrainDrip. In this blog post, we’ll delve into a comprehensive comparison of these platforms, focusing on ease of use, cost, reliability, and creator satisfaction. Let’s explore which platform emerges as the ultimate choice for delivering email short courses.

Ease of Use:

  1. Mailchimp: Mailchimp, known for its email marketing capabilities, offers a course delivery feature. However, navigating through its interface and setting up a course can be complex for many creators, especially those new to the platform. Users often find themselves struggling to figure out the workflow, resulting in frustration and delayed course launches.
  2. Beehiiv: Beehiiv, another player in the email course delivery space, offers a more user-friendly experience than Mailchimp. However, while it simplifies certain aspects, creators may still face challenges when it comes to customization and monetization.
  3. BrainDrip: BrainDrip takes the lead in terms of ease of use. With an intuitive and straightforward interface, creators can effortlessly create, schedule, and deliver their email short courses. The platform’s user-centric design eliminates complexities, making the course creation process seamless and enjoyable.


  1. Mailchimp: Mailchimp offers a variety of pricing plans, but as creators require more advanced features, costs can escalate quickly. Additionally, the value gained from the platform for delivering courses may not justify the investment.
  2. Beehiiv: Beehiiv’s pricing structure is relatively transparent, catering to various user needs. However, while it provides value, it lacks the comprehensive support that creators require. For instance, Beehiive does not guide creators or give pointers on how to create effective, engaging content, nor is the content curated at all.
  3. BrainDrip: BrainDrip stands out as a cost-effective solution. Its pricing structure is designed to provide maximum value to creators, offering an all-inclusive package that covers course creation, delivery, and monetization tools. All the fees are passed on to your course’s subscribers, costing you as the creator nothing. This approach ensures creators receive exceptional return on investment, no matter the size of your subscriber list or the number of courses you create.


  1. Mailchimp: Mailchimp‘s reliability is generally good for email marketing, but its course delivery feature is secondary and may not have the same level of attention as specialized platforms. In particular, although it provides great mail delivery analytics, it provides nothing to help you promote your mailing list itself, you must do that on your own, oftentimes requiring the use of several different other platforms.
  2. Beehiiv: Beehiiv focuses on mail delivery, and while it provides reliable services, some creators may find its features limited when compared to dedicated course platforms. For instance, it does not have ways to promote your course or in-built landing pages that you can share to promote your courses.
  3. BrainDrip: BrainDrip excels in reliability, offering a dedicated platform for email short courses. Its streamlined focus ensures that creators can count on consistent and dependable course delivery. What’s more, BrainDrip creates a ready-made landing page for your courses where subscribers can seamlessly pay and subscribe, saving you as a creator lots of time in terms of setting up a separate website and hosting for your landing page traffic.

Creator Happiness:

  1. Mailchimp and Beehiv: While Mailchimp and Beehiv address certain aspects of course delivery, their complexity and limitations can lead to difficulties and extra work required from creators in order to promote and monetize their courses. Additionally, the lack of in-built monetization options can be a source of dissatisfaction because simply setting that up with a 3rd party payments provider can be time consuming and technically challenging.
  2. BrainDrip: BrainDrip prioritizes creator happiness with its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and seamless monetization options. It is all already built-in! With BrainDrip, creators can focus on their content without getting bogged down by technical challenges.

Unique Benefits of BrainDrip:

BrainDrip distinguishes itself as the optimal choice for delivering email short courses. Unlike its competitors, BrainDrip:

  • Promotes creators’ content across its social networks, expanding reach and visibility.
  • Offers a simple one-time fee per course for subscribers, enhancing user experience.
  • Provides a hassle-free, all-in-one solution for course creation, delivery, and monetization.

Bottom line:

In the realm of email short course delivery, BrainDrip emerges as the superior platform. Its user-centric approach, comprehensive features, and value-driven pricing make it the ideal choice for creators seeking to share their expertise and generate income. With BrainDrip, creators can confidently focus on crafting exceptional courses, knowing that the platform handles the rest. Choose BrainDrip today and unlock the full potential of your email short courses, the perfect passive income side hustle!

Remember, BrainDrip’s commitment to user satisfaction, ease of use, and comprehensive support ensures that creators can thrive in their journey of delivering impactful and profitable email short courses.

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