Drip Content Guidelines

Want to create great Drips? Follow the guidelines below so you can get published and monetized as fast as possible:

  1. All Drips require a minimum of 5 episodes before they can be submitted for content review.
  2. Create information-rich content. Remember your audience is tired of marketing and publicity messages they are constantly bombarded with on every other social media platform.
  3. Use rich text and images. The platform editors are WYSIWYG and accept a multitude of fonts, formats, and types. Use this to your advantage. Note, however, that not all email clients may display all images reliably. So, if you are using images, we require you to please make sure you put something in the “alt” tag. In our editor, simply click on the image, and fill in the box where it says “Alternative”.
  4. Start with a welcome episode. Thank your subscriber for signing up to your Drip. The first episode should make your subscribers look forward to receiving the rest!
  5. You can add links to content outside our platform. Feel free to place links in your episodes to your social media or other content you may host elsewhere, so long as it is not promoting or marketing products outside our platform.
  6. Simlarly, feel free to link back to your Drip landing page here! Or link directly back to us. Both help the platform grow and hence your subscriber base to grow also.

That’s it. But most importantly: have fun. We’ve put in a lot of thought and effort to make Drip creation easy and a seamless experience. Enjoy creating! 🚀🚀🚀

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