Drip Publication Approval Process

Drip Publication Approval Process

When you first create a Drip, it is automatically assigned “Draft” status. You can freely edit your Drip’s summary and card images as well as freely create content for your Drip’s landing page. You may also begin to start drafting and/or creating episodes, which themselves may include text, links, and images.

Once you have created a minimum of 5 episodes, your Drip is eligible for submission, at which point a “Submit Drip for Review” button will appear below your “Update Landing Page” button. Once you click on this button, your Drip status changes to “Submitted” and is sent to BrainDrip’s content team for review. Once the team starts reviewing your Drip, your Drip’s status will change to “In Review”. This process is very fast, usually within hours or minutes.

When your Drip is found to meet all publication elegibility criteria (see publication checklist below), the status will change to “Approved”. You will see all status updates on your Drip’s dashboard page. Once your status is Approved, you will be able to edit the Drip’s summary card to select “Publish” from the status dropdown. Once “Publish” is selected, your Drip summary will appear on our main app’s pages and your landing page will be ready to start accepting subscribers.

Alternatively, should you decide you want to continue editing or changing something in your Drip, you can revert the status back to “Draft”, and re-start the approval process all over again after your edits.

Please note that if your Drip is in “Approved” or “Published” status, and you decide to make any edits to your content, your Drip will automatically revert back to “Draft”.

Drip Publication Checklist

Use the following checklist to ensure that once you submit your Drip, it is approved and ready for publication as soon as possible.

✅ Does your drip contain at least 5 episodes?

✅ Is each episode at least 200 words long (approximately 1000 characters)?

✅ Is your Drip syllabus at least 250 words long?

✅ Is your Drip landing page syllabus, summary, and episodes free of hate speech or other speech prohibited on our platform (see our Terms and Conditions for in-depth information on what constitutes acceptable content at BrainDrip)?

✅ Are your Episodes providing factual, information-rich content without commercial or promotional materials? (it is ok to link to some of your social media accounts, but not to other products external to BrainDrip).

Other Status Notices

On occasion, you may have submitted a Drip for review that does not meet our publication elegibility standards as outlined above. In that case, the content team will revert the Drip back to you with a status of “Declined”. You can then simply use the dropdown from your Drip Summary edit page to revert your Drip’s status back to “Draft”, make your edits, and re-submit again.

Suspended status: We reserve suspended status for Drips where we have determined the content of your Drip or some other metric related to acceptable user of our platform has been violated by your Drip somehow. In this case, you will be issued a notice of 7 days before your Drip and all of its data (including images, episode contents, summaries, and subscribers) are permanently deleted from our database.

You are free to create new Drips that meet our content standards at any time regardless of current status of your past or currently existing Drips.

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